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McAfee Total Protection KEY 5 PC / 1 Year


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number of users: 1 user
license period: 1 year
number of devices: 5 PC
license type: commercial
product version: electronic, e-mail
invoice sent electronically (email)

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McAfee offers cyber security solutions for individuals and businesses. McAfee helps companies co-ordinate fully integrated digital systems in which protection against threats, detection and correction of security threats are interrelated and take place simultaneously. McAfee secures consumer devices against viruses, malware and other threats at home and on the go. Find the right security solution for McAfee AntiVirus Plus, Internet Security, Total Protection, and LiveSafe.

  • It protects your computer against viruses, trojans, spyware and other malicious programs. Protect your devices and personal and confidential information from threats.
  • Instantly recognize and block suspicious websites, files, messages and networks. Surf safely online with the most comprehensive online threat tracking initiative.
  • It protects your device against viruses, trojans, spyware and other malware. Take care of free disk space and the security of personal data.

* Security management console

  • Checks the security status of all your devices, manage updates and control, and select devices protected by McAfee products. Remotely locate, block or delete data of your lost or stolen mobile device. Take care of the safety of all your devices from a simple level in the use of the console
  • It blocks all attempts to unauthorized access to your devices. Stop hackers from spying or stealing your confidential and personal information.
  • Designates and manages devices that have access to your network. Protect your Wi-Fi network from being taken over by someone else.
  • Permanently removes confidential information, irretrievably destroying files containing them. Make sure they disappear without a trace
  • Free space on your hard disk by removing fragmented, temporary and other unnecessary files. Optimize the performance of your computer.

* Mac devices

  • Antivirus protection for your Mac, home network and online activities

* Smartphones and tablets with iOS and Android

  • It blocks all attempts to unauthorized access to your devices. Stop hackers from spying or stealing your confidential and personal information.
  • Removes your contacts, photos and personal data remotely from a lost or stolen device. Prevent confidential information from entering unauthorized hands.
  • Tracks a lost or stolen device on the map, activating an alarm to help locate it. Remotely lock the device until it recovers.
  • Remotely turns on the alarm when the device is lost or stolen. Locate your property, deterring thieves.
  • Remotely locks the device lost or stolen, preventing outsiders from downloading confidential information. Add your contact details on the lock screen to help you regain ownership.

* Anti-spam protection

  • Blocks all unwanted and dangerous e-mails. Protect your inbox from intrusive ads and messages that are targeted for phishing.

* Parental control

  • Controls websites to which children can access and protect them from harmful content. Make sure your kids are safe online.
  • Secure warehouse in the cloud
  • Safely stores photos and important documents in the cloud, with access to them from anywhere. Protect your personal data and take care of free space on your hard drive.

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